By Mae Anne Mangubos

Released almost three months ago, Ed Sheeran’s comeback song, “Shape of You”, continues to dominate the international charts still sitting at the number 1 spot since its release at the Billboard’s Hot 100, making this his second No. 1 pop song as an artist, following the Grammy-awarded song “Thinking Out Loud”, released last September 2014, and his fourth as a writer. The song has led the airplay, streaming and sales-based on the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks and counting.

Released side-by-side his another song, “Castle on the Hill”, “Shape of You” leaves you a sexy vibe, with a subtle electronic beat, which makes you want to set the song on the loop. The percussion-flavored track keeps on stealing hearts of its listeners with its catchy lyrics, which I really love.

Sheeran lived up to his “I-really-wanted-to-show-two-different-sides-to-my-music-that-I’m-equally-passionate-about” upon the release of the two songs. In comparison to his 2014 album, x, this comeback gave Sheeran a different image, though the songs slightly resembles his past track “Sing”.

Sheeran’s style is trying to break the mainstream pop music and his over 520M YouTube views clearly shows that he’s doing a really great job. His highly-anticipated comeback with his album ,%, after a year-long hiatus, makes him one of the big men in the music scene.

Upon his announcement of coming back last December, I already had my hopes raised as this man has been really consistent on giving quality music since day one. But this track, if you try to look deeper and emphasis on the lyrics, has been giving a dirty thoughts of a man to a woman he wanted to date.

Between the lines of “And last night you were in my room and now my bed sheets smell like you.” Teamed up with this repeated “Oh I, oh I, oh I, oh I, I’m in love with your body” lyrics, Sheeran, or may be he’s representing men who are just interested with the “body” of a woman, not the personality, which also tells his listeners that this type of “relationship” is fine and workable. I also took note of the “One week in, we let the story begin. We’re going out on our first date” where Sheeran went from hooking up to real date.

This song really showed versatility which some songs lacks.

Check out the track here!