By Sundy Mae Locus

DENR Sec. Gina Lopez shook the industry after her closure order of 23 mining firms in the country. However,through the unanimous decision of most members of the Cabinet, the palace successfully stopped the secretary and put her order in a halt.

Though filled with controversies, mining is still considered as the country’s mine of gold. Not only as one of the biggest sources of income but it is essential for the production of raw materials needed by developing countries.

They also contradicted that every man-made product has a component extracted from natural resources. Mining also provides jobs for millions for Filipinos.

The negative aftermaths of mining, on the other hand, are no secret. Environment warriors had raised concerns about the damage of mining that contribute to the deterioration of nature and public health.

Small or large-scale, irresponsible mining is a problem that needs to be eradicated. Mining firms, in this case must persuade the government and public that responsible mining is still present and the rehabilitation of natural resources is possible. The safety and well-being of miners should also be highlighted.

The arguments surrounding mining has been existing ever since. With the administration shifting anew, they should take actions to finally end the uncertainty. President Duterte should finally make up his mind on this mining policy.