By Kathleen Mae Bulquerin
Have you ever experienced in your life sporting a hairstyle with bangs? Or not?
Honestly, I, myself, haven’t tried a hairstyle with bangs but I know that one of these days, I will.
So the question is, who influenced me and the other girls do the “bangs” trend?
If you’re aware of the K-wave in the Philippines, you’ll probably saw K-drama actresses sporting hairstyles with bangs.
Those thin, wispy bangs that’ll just expose a bit of your forehead. Well, while everyone wants to try this hairsytle, you should also know what kind of bangs will suit you. Because if not, you’ll look like you’re sporting a coconut shell-like hairstyle (or wig).
Obviously, hairstyle with bangs is really the trend today.
Not only it will enhance the features of your face, but it will also make you feel confident. So rock this year with a confidence and with a BANG!