by Engrid Genova

Criticisms has been thrown to Vice president Leni Robredo after his video message in UN Convention in Vienna last March 16 , where she described Filipinos “hopeless and helpless” right now due to the Extra judicial killings due to Drug war. She also gave  number of people killed, 7000. Is she really humiliating the country? Or she stating facts.

Based on Philippine National Police, 2,500 is the total number of criminals that were legitimately killed by the police. This is less than a half of what VP Leni said. But people killed illegally or by vigilante style should also be counted in the extra judicial killing accounts. Just before President Duterte stepped the half of his term, 3,000 people were already noted under the killing. Based on the Revised data of PNP, since July 1, 2016 there are already 7,080 people killed in the war on drugs. 3,608 people out of this number were victim in cases of death still under investigation.

Based on her spokesperson, VP Robredo was able to talk to the urban poor and listened to their experience on hand. Meaning what she said on the video is she saw by herself.

Anyways, whether it is humiliating or that, if it is the truth , then the world should know what us really happening to the Philippines, in the first place ,it is really the killing that causes this bloody chapter in our country.