By Engrid Genova

Last week, Death penalty passed its second reading on the congress, making its way on the senate. But before these advancement, Death penalty bill has been revised by different lawmakers accordingly.

On the first edition of the bill, plunder, rape and drug related cases were included, but after another revision, drug related cases were the only cases left, leaving rape and plunder on lifetime imprisonment.

Many lawmaker including Senator Panfilo Lacson said that drug shouldn’t be the only life worth case.

Lacson,Gatchalian, Pacquio and Sotto have given more crimes that should be punishable by death like treason, rape, terrorism,kidnapping and other heinous crimes. It is more likely that since the cabinet focus more on the drug war, many more serious cases were set aside. Is it really for drug related criminal?

Drug snatches life from people, and so this is a heinous thing, but how but raping people and killing both their dignity and parr of theirselves? Isn’t heinous plundering billion peso that could save many stomach from dying because of poverty, ill people who should be living if only they have money,isn’t killing a lot more people? And literally killing people,murdering them one by one by murder or part of nation by tereorising , isn’t more heinous ?

People taking lives should know how important it is. But if the government let those who are planning to kill in anyway that they can live even after what they did, or even get a patrol 20 years later, they rake those crime easily.

Crimes related to killing people directly like murder and terrorism, and in some ways like rape, plunder, rape, or even kidnapping should be punishable by death.In that way, not one will ever think of killing since it cause their lives as well. Heinous crime should be erased in our society. It is more heinous to let heinous thinking people think of doing it again.