By Cindy Rocel Mesa

Korea’s invasion started from our television screens and now to the world of notes and rhythm. Korean Pop Music, also known as K-POP, is said to be the peak of Korean Wave.

Groups like EXO, BTS, Super Junior, MAMAMOO, Infinite, GFriend, Girl’s Generation, AKMU, 10cm and solo artists like Ailee, Lee Hi, K.Will, Crush and many others are dominating the music scene not only in the Philippines but around the globe. Topping music charts in the US, and even getting the number one spot in music shows, like MYX, here in the Philippines.

As a fan myself, people ask me questions like what is it that pulls you in? What is it that makes it hard to come out from the fandom? Why? When you can’t even understand the language.

At first, what really caught my eyes is the choreography, the in-sync movements. And then while rehearsing, I get to memorize the song (because it makes memorizing the choreography easier, what move goes with this word, what move goes with this rhythm).

Then the next thing I know, I’m downloading the whole album, memorizing the lyrics for all the tracks, buying a physical copy of their albums, knowing the names of the members of each group, going to their concerts held here in the Philippines, keeping track of them on social media platforms, from their debut era up until now.

Lyrics? Language barrier? Dude, in case you don’t know, there’s this thing called the internet now where you can search for its English translation.

It’s not just addicting, it’s actually quite useful. It goes with whatever mood you are in, you get to acquire a new skill, most fans learned how to speak and write Korean and you get to meet people from different countries.

Music knows no boundaries. Music makes one.

Why it’s hard to leave? It already became a habit. It already became a part of my everyday life that it’s hard to leave.But most importantly, it became my escape, our escape, from stress, workload, reality, life. Plus the fact that these lads and lasses are really talented and so good looking, it’s hard to un-stan them.