By Engrid Genova

This year, commemorating the so-called revolution was combined with the protest against Bong Bong Marcos entering Malacañang . We are remembering victims of Martial law, both innocent and fighters who were crushed by the dictatorship, and also preventing it to happen again. The surname that once unites the Filipinos to fight, is now giving a goosebumps once again to the Filipino. Filipinos seem to have trauma in the name “Marcos”.

Unlike the past celebration of EDSA People Power, power of people is weak as it is divided for different personal concern, some are rallying to condemn Pres. Ferdinand Marcos’ burial, while some are rallying to show support to the Present President, Rodrigo Duterte. Some went to US Embassy and pushed for independence from US involvement.Shouldnt we be as on as we remember where our country had been to

But it is a revolution only for others, revolution in government, a revolution in politics. In her article, Carmen Pedros, Phil Star writer, she described “Marcos and cronies side as new rich politicians and the Lopez-Aquino-Cojuangco as old rich. The old rich won in EDSA and all the leftist, pro-poor rhetoric of the “rebels” fell by the edge as they gain the wealth and governance of the country from their political rivals

We may be revolved from being a Marcos gripped to Corry’s loving ribbon, but if we look at the bigger picture, the major issues are still in the country, grip of poverty, exploitation, and most especially, corruption, the Issue that they leave unattended. The real enemy of this country that is needed to be changed

So how are we going to move on?

Should we move on and forget what happen to the country’s past? Should we forgive Marcoses and give them a chance? Should we follow what Executive Secretary Medialdea suggest, “We have to move on,” “we cannot get stuck in the past”

for the victims who lost their family, and to those who suffer, especially to the family of  desaparecidos, I do believe that their situation can only allow them to forgive and be healed by justice that they deserve. Forgetting is nearly impossible.

I say, we move on, move on the coming future, still carrying the plaque of patriotism of our late country men, respect them; continue to fight against the real enemy of the country, poverty and corruption or those who are collecting bank notes via people’s taxes. Move on with forgiving heart, but a cautious mind. We should move on in a way where, we still give thanks to those who fought for democracy.