By: Kuhlin Ceslie Gacula

​About how many of you are guilty of dyeing your hair multiple times? I was a sophomore college student when I started getting addicted to changing my hair color. It was just dark to brown to medium blonde and later on turned to crazy and bright. I have tried dyeing them red, pink, green, violet, blue and even orange. I feel so satisfied everytime I see myself with a crazy-colored hair. I feel like I am a magical creature ready to conquer the world. It helps me gain my confidence back then since I am one of those dead plain kid. 
People somehow judge a person with a bright unrealistic hair. Some think that we just wanted attention. Some think that we are rebellious kids. Some think that we don’t study well and just do crazy things in our lives. And we don’t care. We dye our hair to express ourselves. That we can be subtle or bold if we want to. That at some point people will know we exist. We don’t need people to notice how we’ve been changing colors in weeks or months but know that we exist and we don’t harm. 
It personally don’t understand why some schools don’t allow students to dye their hairs as if it could really affect their studies. I am actually happy that my university allows their students to be themselves and do what we want. Coloring hair is fun. It helps an individual to gain confidence in theirselves. I don’t think their is something wrong with that.
It could be a great effort to maintain your hair color but it actually helps a person be responsible and be desciplined. Don’t be afraid to experiment colors. It will fade soon and your hair will grow as well. So if you think you have to express yourself but you are just so shy, DYE YOUR HAIR. People will at least have a hint that you have something in you. 
A lot of people could tell me that they prefer my natural hair color but who cares about their preference? I’ll dye them when I want to. My hair makes me happy, and your hair should make you happy too. Shake those haters and be a happy unicorn.
People’s opinion don’t matter and your hair is your choice, so if it makes you happy, then just do it. Dye those locks and show the world how beautiful you are.