By Engrid Genova

After six months of giving his full force in hitting illegal drugs related criminals with his powerful rod, giving people a perception of him spoiling policemen, President Rodrigo Duterte finally slapped his rod on the Philippine National Police’s leg.

By the last week of the January, Philippine National Police Chief Roland “Bato” Dela Rosa announced the suspension of war against drug for internal cleansing of their system, investigating every policeman in the country, starting at NCR and Luzon, on what he called “war on scalawags”.

Just this February 18, 311 Metro Manila police officers facing administrative charges got strike by the whipping of words of the President. These scalawags are cursed and poured with disappointment from the President. The initial plan was just for them to clean Ilog Pasig as Punishment. Many Filipino criticize this punishment. Killing for Drug criminal but cleaning for police, It is never enough, not only for the people but also for the president.

Gusto ko kayong ihulog diyan p*****i**** Pasig (River) na ‘yan pero wag na lang… Magbalik kayo dito. Mag-swimming trunks. Linisin nyo ang Pasig River. Inumin niyo kasi madumi, p*****i** kayo,” Duterte told scalawag at the Malacañang grounds on Tuesday afternoon.

And the punishment is finally set. Go to Basilan, or quit.

“Ipadala kayo sa Basilan. Tumira kayo doon nang mga dalawang taon. Kung lumusot kayo buhay, balik kayo dito. Kung doon kayo mamatay, sabihin ko sa pulis wag na mag-gastos para dalhin kayo dito. Doon na kayo ilibing,” he said.

With his fiery speech, President Duterte affirmed to them that no one can escape the punishment, If they will not go to Basilan, then they should file resignation.

This decision for some is fair enough. They should be punished that way. It is not cruel. However, many are also condemning this decision, saying it is like letting them die.

Cruel enough? Fair Enough?

Many say that this is a barbaric act. The way the president announced his order, out of his anger, it can be implied that he wants them to die their.

Basilan is notoriously known as the camp of Abu Sayaff, a terrorist group in Mindanao, advocating strict Islamic governance. The war aginst them started in 1990’s.

As a public servant, every police is expected to be designated to different places in the country, after all, it is their pledge to serve the country as a whole, not just the city where they feel comfort, or they were born. This is a legal procedure as stated by Chief Dela Rosa.

“We are members of the PNP and not just a local police force, unlike in the US na may sheriff, federal police. Tayo po ay maaring ma-reassign saan mang lugar sa ibang Pilipinas,” said Chief Dela Rosa

If we think about it, Basilan is where we need more armed forces. There, the fight is physical, and patriotism can be obviously shown. Policemen can show off how they really love their country, by fighting for it, and staying alive to protect it. This the time for the policemen to put their hymn’s line: “Lahat ay ibibigay, Maging itong buhay, Taas noong isisigaw, Kapayapaan at kaunlaran”

This might be a harsh punishment to many, but if we will look at the pledge and real mission of PNP, this is just one of the ordinary obligation of a Filipino police. This is the right time to hit PNP with the rod to straighten their sitting legs.