By Anjelica Ibuyan

The House Bill 4727 or the imposition of capital punishment for heinous crimes, which moved to the House plenary for debate just after hurdling the committee level in December, has stirred a controversy since being sponsored and authored by Deputy Speaker Capiz Rep. Fredenil Castro.

Those in favor of the bill believe that it will deter criminals from committing deeds punishable by death penalty, specially crimes involving drugs. The pro-imposition camp argue that it is not an anti-life bill and that it aims to protect the lives of the innocent.

But there are better ways to fight heinous crimes and punish those who are guilty of it since not all criminals have fear of being caught. No one knows how a criminal’s mind works except for themselves and not everyone who are accused of such crimes are guilty.

There are criminals who crave for the thrill of being caught and so imposing the death penalty will only give them the drive of doing the worst crimes imaginable.

So what can change a criminal’s way of thinking? There is a case of a criminal who is undergoing conversion which made him see a man who was unjustly sentenced to death and the mercy that man has for the people who has done him wrong.

If our lawmakers can solve the problem of poverty, getting rid of corruption or upholding our justice system properly, then these will probably change the minds of the criminals in our country.