by Marian Joyce Gavino

In this age where the use of electronic devices is extensive, almost everything that a person could ever wish for can be obtained through the act of a simple swipe and touch on their gadgets —which just points out how much the continuous development in technology made today’s living a convenient one. Technology has affected and changed one’s lifestyle and it wasn’t the only thing that it influences, this kind of convenience also extend to matters including how one would choose his  or her partner.

The existence of dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Happn made it easy for a person to find someone to date through the use of their tiny screen on the mobile phones, showing that even looking for a significant other became convenient nowadays.

But these apps weren’t the only place where love blooms, romantic relationships also blossoms from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram wherein a simple ‘hi’ from a stranger could turn into a heart-lurching ‘i love you’ in just a matter of a few sleepless nights chatting and a minimum of two or three meet ups.

Some might actually think that there’s absolutely no need to attend social events to meet new people as ‘meeting’ someone could take place even in the virtual space, leaving one less hassle out of the way right?

Indeed, this is how finding romance in this modern age could rival the thirty-minute swift delivery that fast food restaurants could offer. With just a few tap here and swipe there, voila! You can get a match with  a person whom you could consider a potential partner in life. However, even if these relationships comes fast and easy—the same thing could be said on how quickly they could crumble.

As the saying goes, a house built on weak and shallow foundation falls apart just as easily when the storm comes, this could also be applied in terms of building a romantic relationship and somehow could explain why today’s love relations hardly lasts— especially those that sprouted online.

Someone who’s used to the traditional way of dating and courtship might feel some sort of longing for the past once they got thrown into this whirlwind of speed dating, and maybe they might end up uttering words such as ‘those were the good old days’.

But not all is lost as the only thing that’s constant in this time is change and progress, as for now— we can only expect the worst and hope for the best that lies in the future.