By Mae Anne Mangubos

With retro and sharp funk vibe of the Uptown Funk, which dominated the charts in 2014 setting a record-breaking bestseller, Bruno Mars once again dominated the charts as “24K Magic” posted at the first spot making this his third No. 1 as lead act, according to

Following its release last November, the song climbed up the chart from number three to one kicking The Weekend’s six-week reign for their song “Starboy” which clearly shows a massive acceptance from the listeners.

But despite having a huge impact on the music industry, I don’t believe this song was his best. Musicality wise, his collaboration song with Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk – has an edge over this song. From the dynamics and lyrics, it was overshadowed and I consider it a much safer version, but I would say that its aim to recreate time and vibe was a smart idea!

I believe what others say that this man will be the next Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, if he continued to pursue this wide variety of music mixing 80’s, 90’s, retro, pop, and funk together in one.