By Cindy Rocel Mesa

2016 is said to be the peak of Korean dramas, offering us so many good dramas with feels that will surely last. And among these are ten that won viewer’s hearts, not only here in the Philippines, but all around the globe.

Cheese in the Trap (January 4 – March 1)

Although aired on a cable network, tvN, this drama still gained a lot of supporters and received a lot of praise for the actors who played their assigned characters well, the feel of romance from the main to the supporting characters, and the backstories that made the viewers look into this drama even more.

Having read the webtoon myself, I can say that the drama’s a little bit far from the webtoon though.

(The Webtoon can still be viewed in the NaverWebtoon app or in


Descendants of the Sun (February 24 – April 14)

With ratings over 20%, Descendants of the Sun is said to be a ratings powerhouse.

Winning 5 times as the Best Drama, Descendants of the Sun is surely a K-Drama phenomenon with its still lingering feels and its OSTs still at the viewer’s playlist (including mine).


Please Come Back, Mister(February 24 – April 14)

Released and ended at the same time as Descendants of the Sun, Please Come Back, Mister still gained good reviews from its viewers.

My father actually recommended this drama to me first and came out to like it too.

This drama teaches us to make the most of that time that we have without crossing lines, because we never know when will be our time.


Uncontrollably Fond (July 6 – September 8)

Everybody wants a happy ending, but this drama didn’t give the viewers the usual happily ever after ending.

The whole drama has heart-wrenching parts more than happy ones but the love portrayed by the characters is heart-warming until the end which made watching every episode still worth it.


W (July 20 – September 14)

W is not your typical Korean Drama. We’ve watched dramas with characters time travelling, dramas with a character from another star, a storyline with a rich man falling for a commoner. But have you seen one with characters entering the world beyond a comic book? If not and you’re interested then this drama is perfect.

It’s a new concept in the K-drama scene. It’s written so great. Hats-off to the mind behind this drama.


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo(August 29 – November 1)

With news of who the members of the cast are, this drama’s title was seen on any social media sites for a long time.

If you haven’t watched this drama yet and ask me what more to expect? Just prepare everything, from your mind, heart to tons of tissues.

A tear-jerker. From the episodes to its OSTs, your tears will surely come out. And even though it’s such a sad story, everyone who watched it already are al pleading for a second season.


The K2 (September 23 – November 12)

“I found someone I want to protect.”

A politically driven action packed drama. But even without background knowledge about politics, viewers will still enjoy this series. Portrayers of the characters did a splendid job especially Ji Chang Wook, the male lead of the K2, and ImYoona’s, the female lead, acting skills are clearly getting better.


Legend of the Blue Sea (November 16 – January 25, 2017)

With articles being published that Lee Min Ho and JeonJiHyeon are going to be the lead actors for this drama, Legend of the Blue Sea gained popularity even before the series started.

History repeats itself, but you can do something to alter your own ending.

If you like mermaid folklores, folklores or just mermaids, you’ll like this one.


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo(November 16 – January 11, 2017)

You can see the lead actors of this drama in Cheese in the Trap. There, they don’t have any interaction, here, they are an item.

In Korea, they have schools dedicated just for the arts, music, performing, for definite careers, and for this drama, the school is dedicated for sports.

This drama is just a light one compared to other storylines that Korean dramas offer. A little angst but mostly fluff, cute love story. Female viewers of this drama even wanted to have a guy like the male lead for a partner.

Catch phrases from this drama also became a hit and I myself use it sometimes for fun. Catch phrases like the trio’s (Kim Bok Joo and her two best friends) “Do you like Messi?” and the ever favourite “SWAG!” is on the trendy list.


Goblin (December 2 – January 21, 2017)

Another hats-off drama.Falling in love with a drama, as a whole (from the characters to the storyline and cinematography), is kind of usual for me, but this one is at the top alongside the others mentioned above.

The OSTs of this drama also gets its viewers hooked. Another plus factor as to why I’m in love with this drama.


Korea has given us, and is giving us storylines that even though they are cliché stories, they can still make us, their viewers crazy and so into it, up to the point that even people who have zero interest in anything Korean are now obsessed with these dramas.Making us think through and eventually realize things and question ourselves, especially girls, should I cut my hair and have thosebangs?