By: Kuhlin Ceslie Gacula

Kilay-on-fleek has been a major trend in the previous year. Almost every girls I know was eager to achieve the groomed perfect brows with fully-defined arches. Through the improvement of beauty standard, can on-fleek eyebrows define what real beauty is?

I am a beauty-enthusiast and the eyebrow trend was a thing for me too. As a teenager, I aim for perfection, I have the urge to meet the current beauty standard enable for me to acknowledge that I, myself is beautiful. Once I did my eyebrows, I feel more confident with myself and it makes me think that I could conquer the world with my on-point brows.

I am one of those girls who were not blessed with thick and defined kilays. I have these thin and messy brows I was really insecure of, but not until I learned how to groom them. I shaped them, color them just like how my hair was dyed, I even put some brow gels to keep them in-place throughout the day. I felt beautiful. I felt beautiful just like those instagram models I saw on the internet.

The satisfaction of meeting the world’s standard of what is beautiful consumed me. I dedicate a lot of time to do my brows. I often get late because of my brows. I put effort on on achieving the ‘kilay-on-fleek” no matter frustrating it is. My mind has been programmed that I should do this, it will make me beautiful. in a world where physical attributes is a big deal, achieving the perfect brows can be an advantage.

I kept doing things to my brows until the day I got frustrated on achieving a certain look. Is this how I supposed to look beautiful? Am I still beautiful with a grumpy face caused by the frustrations of making myself beautiful? Am I still considered beautiful with all these pigments and make-ups I used to attain beauty? I guess not.

It made me feel confident. It enhanced my physical features but I lost something. I lost the real essence of beauty. I lost the true meaning of being beautiful. i don’t need to achieve the perfect eyebrows trend to be beautiful. I don’t need to define those arches to look like those internet models and feel like I do belong coz I’m doing the trend. I have to embrace my insecurities. Meeting the standard of beauty won’t make me beautiful, acceptance will.

I am a teenage girl with a lot of flaws. My brows may be messy but I assure you my life is not. Its not the eyebrow arches I should define but my purpose as a person, a real beautiful person. I should not invest my time in meeting the society’s standard of beautiful but meeting my friends and make them feel beautiful as well. It’s not my brows I should be raising but my dreams and goals. My kilay may not be on-fleek but my heart and attitude is.